updated 9/19/17

SSL Matrix II

Mac Pro 2.66 GHz Quad Core Xeon with 16GB of RAM. SSD Macintosh HD

Multitrack Recorders:
Pro Tools HDX system running PT 11 HD with:
(2) Lynx Aurora 16 HD
Lavry 2 Channel A/D and D/A Converter
Tascam 1/2” 2 track

See Studio A Equipment List

(2) Dynaudio BM15a
(5) Dynaudio BM5a(configured for 5.1 surround sound)
(1) Dynaudio BM9s 10″ Subwoofer(for 5.1 surround sound)

Outboard Gear:
(2) AEA TRP-The Ribbon Pre
(1) Amek Neve 9098 dual Mic Pre(with MS configuration)
(1) Anthony DeMaria Labs Stereo Tube 1500 Compressor/Limiter
(1) API 2500 Stereo Bus Compressor
(6) API 312 Mic Pre(custom racked by Ricky Begin)
(4) API 312 Mic Pre(2x 70’s 312’s and 2x 312’s w/Jensen output transformer)(custom racked by Ricky Begin)
(2) API 512C (500 Series) Mic Pre
(24) API 550A 3 Band EQ
(2) API 560 10 Band Graphic EQ
(2) Avedis Audio MA5 Mic Pre(500 series)
(2) Daking 52270 Mic Pre/EQ
(3) DBX 160A Compressor/Limiter
(1) DBX 160X Compressor/Limiter
(1) DBX 162 Stereo Compressor/Limiter
(6) Empirical Labs EL8X Distressor Compressor
(1) Manley Enhanced Pultec EQ
(1) Manley Mid-Freq EQ
(2) Neve 1290 Mic Pre
(4) Neve 33114 Mic Pre/EQ
(1) Smart Research C2 Dual/Stereo Compressor
(1) Spectrasonics 610 Compressor/Limiter
(2) Tesla Mic Pres(Russian)
(10) Universal Audio 1108 Mic Pre(custom racked by Ricky Begin)
(2) Urei 1176 Compressor/Limiter

(1) AKG BX20E1 Spring Reverb
(1) TC Electronics M2000 Effects Processor
(1) Lexicon PCM92

See Studio A Equipment List

Cue system:
Aviom A-16 cue system w/ 6 A-16CS control surfaces.
(We can supply headphones, but feel free to bring your own).

UAD Octo PCIe, Oxford EQs/Dynamics, Waves Mercury Bundle V9, UA classic compressors, SoundToys v4, FabFilter, Altiverb, McDSP, Serato Pitch’N Time, Auto-Tune 7, and more.