The majority of our editing is done in Pro Tools, but if you’re handy with a razor, you can use the Otari MTR90! Both of our control rooms are equipped with Pro Tools HD rigs with the option of API analog summing. Whether you like to mix on a large format console, or “In The Box,” we have plenty of analog and digital options from which to choose.


Tracking is the first and most important step of the recording process, which is why our studios are fully equipped to meet the needs of just about any project, large or small. Whether you’re a three-piece rock band, a string quartet, or a 10-piece big band, we’ll give you the tools you’ll need to record great sounding tracks on any budget. Aside from great sounding rooms, our facilities are quite cozy and comfortable, which will allow you to relax and focus on what matters most: your music.

Once the basic tracks are recorded, it’s time to complete your song by overdubbing any auxiliary instruments, percussion, or vocal parts. Both Studio A and B are equipped for overdubs.


We’ll book your sessions by the hour, the day, the week, or for however long you require to get the job done your way. We are committed to working with you to realize your musical vision. Our staff is on-call, and will be as involved or uninvolved in your creative process as your circumstances require.

  • Provide you with studio time and an engineer to run your session
  • Provide you with studio time and an assistant for your engineer
  • Help contract musicians for your project
  • Arrange for piano tunings prior to your sessions, or for a tuner/technician to be present during your session.
  • Help arrange delivery and pick-up for any unusual equipment or instrument rentals your project may require (i.e. orchestral percussion instruments, toy pianos, vintage amplifiers, B3 organs, etc.)
  • Produce or co-produce your project with you (see Randy’s production credits)
  • Provide or help you with printed charts for your musician (horn charts, string arrangements, etc.) or any other arranger/copyist tasks
  • Arrange meal catering for large groups
  • Arrange local transportation for your musicians
  • Help you plan and budget your project
  • Recommend other service providers whom you may need such as photographers, graphic designers, mastering houses, duplicating houses, web designers, etc.

For more information contact:
Amy @ (201) 605-6658 or Bookings@kaleidoscopesound.com