We’ll book your sessions by the hour, the day, the week, or for however long you require to get the job done your way. We are committed to working with you to realize your musical vision. Our staff is on-call, and will be as involved or uninvolved in your creative process as your circumstances require.

Amy Crafton: (201) 605-6658 &


-50% deposit is required for any block bookings or multiple day bookings and must be made 48 hours prior to your session. Reserved dates are not confirmed until deposit is received.

– Single day hourly bookings do not require a deposit as long as clients are flexible about session start times (call for details).


-Cancellation or re-scheduling of a session (or sessions) involving a deposit will be refunded less 10%, or fully applied to your next booking provided your time is successfully re-booked. Your deposit will not be refunded or applied to future bookings if the date is not re-booked. (please note that the later you cancel, the less likely we can re-book).

-Cancellation of or re-scheduling of single day hourly session will result in a deposit being required for all future bookings.
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