Can I stop by for a tour of the studio?
Yes, we recommend you check out the studio before booking a session. This way you can meet us, see the facilities, and make sure our studio is a good match for your project.
Or Click Here for a digital studio tour. Call us for more information (201) 605-6658.

What are your rates and policies?
Please call (201) 605-6658 for studio rates.

Do I have to make a deposit when I book studio time?
Only when booking block sessions (10 hours and more). If you are booking less then 10 hours, we don’t require a deposit, but we would appreciate you being flexible about your session time.

Can I break up the 10 hour discount over two days?

Will I be charged for overtime after a 10 hour booking?
Yes. Overtime will be at the same rate you were quoted when you booked your session.

Can we show up early or the night before to set up our gear?
Musicians and Engineers can arrive up to an hour before the session start time to setup gear.

Can I bring my own engineer?
Yes, just let us know ahead of time and have the engineer give us a call.

What should I do about meals during my session?
There are many restaurants that deliver to the studio, and plenty of restaurants within walking distance. You are also welcome to bring your own food which can be stored in the lounge refrigerator.

Should I buy the engineer lunch?
This is not expected, but it’s a nice gesture, and your engineer will do their best to return the favor.

Can I smoke in the studio?
No. Kaleidoscope Sound is a smoke free studio. All smoking must be done outside.

How will I take my session home with me? Do I need to bring a hard drive?
Yes, buy a hard drive, and if you have the money buy two (one for a master drive, and one to backup the master). Since a majority of sessions are recorded digitally, we use external hard drives to store and backup session data. We encourage you to have a copy of your sessions and just to be safe we will keep a copy in our archives as it is always good to have more then one copy of your sessions. You can purchase an external hard drive from Staples, Best Buy, Tekserve, or online at NewEgg.com.

Are there any additional costs?
Piano Tuning ($150-$180 Depending on tuner availability). We do not sell “external hard drives” or “analog tape”. If you would like to record to 2″ analog tape, you can rent one of ours for an extra $100.

Do you do Tape/Vinyl/Cassette/DAT transfers?
We can, but it all depends on the condition of the tape/vinyl. We recommend you take your tape/vinyl collection to a professional restoration company.

Do you do Mastering?
Yes. Call us for more information (201) 605-6658.

What’s an engineer?
In general terms: An engineer is someone that knows how to operate the recording equipment in the studio, get sounds and accommodate the requests of the artist or producer. One would hire an engineer based on a recommendation from the studio, work they’ve done before and their familiarity with the studio being used.

What’s a producer?
In general terms: A producer is someone who is heavily involved in your project, possibly attending shows and rehearsals, working on arrangements, checking your equipment, recommending outside musicians, deciding what songs to record and more. They will see your project through completion, and help you get the best takes. A producer doesn’t have to be an engineer, and you may see sessions where a producer and engineer work together. One would hire a producer based on the quality of the previous work this producer has done, familiarity with their style and an understanding that they will be calling the shots and raising the quality of the album project.

What’s a co-producer?
In general terms: A co-producer is someone who will engineer your album and make suggestions and subjective comments in order for you to make the best recording possible. They will be active in assessing takes and suggesting sounds, arrangements, etc. Usually they will jump into the session cold on the first day. Generally they will be the sole engineer as well. One would hire a co-producer based on work they’ve done before and their familiarity with the studio being used.