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Vintage Pianos, Organs, and Keys:
Steinway B (1909) and rebuilt in 2009 by Faust Harrison Pianos(Studio A ONLY)
Hammond B3 with Leslie speaker cabinet
Fender Rhodes suitcase with speaker cabinet
Wurlitzer 200
Yamaha U3 Upright(The Patio ONLY)
*** Ask for availability

1969 Ludwig Strata Kits:
22″x14″ Bass Drum
20″x14″ Bass Drum
16″x16″ Floor Tom
14″x14″ Floor Tom
13″x9″ Rack Tom
(2)12″x8″ Rack Toms

Tama Maple Starclassic Kit:
22″x16″ Bass Drum
16″x16″ Floor Tom
14″x14″ Floor Tom
13″x9″ Rack Tom
12″x8″ Rack Tom
10″x8′ Rack Tom

Gretsch USA Kit:
18″x16″ Bass Drum
18″x14″ Bass Drum
22″x18″ Bass Drum
16″x16″ Floor Tom
14″x12″ Floor Tom
13″x13″ Floor Tom
14″x10″ Rack Tom
13″x9″ Rack Tom
12″x10″ Rack Tom
(2)10″x8″ Rack Tom

***Toms and snares have Remo coated Ambassadors on top and clear Ambassadors on bottom***
***20″ and 22″ Bass Drums have Remo clear PS3 on batter and Ebony(or smooth white) reso***
***18″ Jazz Bass Drums have Remo coated Ambassadors on both sides***

5”x14” Ludwig Black Beauty(Brass on Brass)(Die-cast Hoops)
(2)5”x14” 1969 Ludwig Maple Gold Strata(1x Diecast top, 1x triple flanged top)
6.5″x14″ Ludwig Maple(Red)
6.5″x14″ Ludwig Supraphonic
5″x14″ GMS CL Series Maple
5″x14″ Cooperman Solid Cherry Custom
5″x14″ Cooperman Solid Maple Custom
5″x14″ Yamaha Brass
6”x14” Tama Starphonic Aluminum PAL146
6.5″x14″ Hinger Maple(Gut snares)
6.5″x14″ Lang Gladstone
4″x10″ Grover piccolo

Amedia Cymbals, as well as various cymbals from Paiste, Zildjian and Sabian.

Cymbal stands, Hi-hat stands, Snare stands, Kick drum pedals, Drum Thrones, etc.

Full range of percussion available including:
3 LP Classic Congas, bongos, djembes, cajon, shakers, etc.

Guitars and Basses:
Gibson ES-150D
Gibson J-45
Guild D212 12-String Acoustic
Guild D-40 Acoustic
Guild M-75 Bluesbird(1969)
Guild Starfire III (1962)
Music Man OLP Electric Guitar
Fender 12 String Stratocaster
Seagull S6 Acoustic
Seagull S6 Folk Acoustic
Yamaha G-85A Nylon Sting Acoustic
Fender Jazz Bass
Fender FM-62SCE/TR Mandolin
Peavy T-40 Bass
Peavy T-60 Guitar
Fender jazz bass(1978)***
Gibson les paul standard(1991)***
Gibson les paul jr. w/p90(br) & p100(n)(1998)***
Gibson les paul jr.(1960)***
Fender american standard telecaster(1989)***
Guild starfire w/bigsby tremolo(1968)***
Guild starfire 2(1968)***
Silvertone 2 p/u gtr(1960’s)***
Silvertone convertible(1960’s)***
Squier supersonic black w/p94(br)(1999)***
Danelectro six string(1998)***
Danelectro twelve string(1999)***
Danelectro baritone guitar(2001)***
Airline map***
Martin mahogany 017(1930’s)***
Guild D40(1968)***
Artesano nylon(1985)***
*** Ask for availability

Ampeg B15
Ampeg Reverberocket
Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb
Fender Bassman head with 2×15 cab
Fender Blues Jr.
Fender Pro Jr.
Gibson Les Paul GA-40
Marshall MKII 50w head with 4X12 cab (2 speakers are Vintage 30’s and 2 are the modern J12’s)
Orange ADHTC (head)
Orange PPC212 (cab)
Vox AC30
Fender bassman head(1968)***
Fender bandmaster head(1963)***
Gibson discoverer(1960’s)***
Orange overdrive head***
Orange 100 watt or120 head(1970’s)***
Magnatone M10(1960’s)***
Magnatone custom 260(1959)***
Magnatone 401(1950’s)***
Magnatone 411(1960’s)***
Magnatone 431(1960’s)***
Kalamazoo two(gibson)***
Ampeg svt head(1973)***
*** Ask for availability

Synths and Keyboards:
Yamaha S80
Toy piano
Acetone organ
Farfisa Pianorgan
Casiotone MT-68

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