We found that making everything clear up front makes for a smooth and enjoyable recording experience.  To this end, we have compiled this list of policies, which we hope will keep things clear, simple, fair, and friendly.  If you have any questions or concerns about any of this, please do not hesitate to contact us.


50% deposit is required for any block bookings or multiple day bookings and must be made 48 hours prior to your session.  Reserved dates are not confirmed until deposit is received.

– Single day hourly bookings do not require a deposit as long as clients are flexible about session start times (call for details).


-Cancellation or re-scheduling of a session (or sessions) involving a deposit will be refunded less10%, or fully applied to your next booking  provided your time is successfully re-booked.  Your deposit will not be refunded or applied to future bookings if the date is not re-booked.  (please note that the later you cancel, the less likely we can re-book).

-Cancellation of or re-scheduling of single day hourly session will result in a deposit being required for all future bookings.


-For all Studio Rates please call the studio @ (201) 605-6658

-If you require reference CD’s at the conclusion of your session, we will burn the first 3 CD’s at no additional material charge, but you will be charged for the time it takes to burn them.  After the first three CD’s a $3 per disc materials charge will be added to your final bill. DVD’s are a flat $5 per disc.


-Billing begins from the scheduled start time that was agreed upon when the session was confirmed (please notify us if you wish to show up before the scheduled start time).

-Billing ends at the time when the engineer is no longer working on your behalf.  i.e. ruff mixes are done, CD’s are burned, DVD’s are burned, etc. (Please be sure to leave yourself plenty of time at the end of your session for such things).


-Payments can be made in cash, check, or credit card.

-Masters will be released upon receipt of payment.


-We recommend bringing an external firewire 800 or USB 3.0 hard drive to your session. If you do not have one, or don’t know what this item is, please contact us and we would be happy to advise you on purchasing one (we do not sell hard drives or tape in house).

-Kaleidoscope Sound’s policy for active projects is to keep the project on our internal drive and back it up to 2 additional glyph drives at the end of each day’s work. We will keep the project on those drive until project completion.

-Our archiving policy is, once sessions are complete we will delete the project data off our internal drive and Glyph drives, and then move the project onto our archive hard drives and DVDs. Once a session is archived, that is where it will live until further notice. We do not delete archive data.  

-We believe our backup system is a safe and responsible practice, and as long as we have followed this, we are not responsible for any lost data that may be experienced while this practice is adhered to.


-The client who has made the booking with us is responsible for any damage to our facilities or equipment by anyone in attendance at your session (guests and musicians).  It has never happened, we hope it never will.


-Piano tuning is a flat $150-$250, depending on piano tuner’s availability. We will schedule our piano tuner to tune the instrument prior to your session. We assume that if you are using the piano on your session, you will want it tuned.  If you do not wish the piano to be tuned, please notify us at the time of booking.  If you prefer to bring your own tuner, we ask that they be a member of the piano tuners guild to insure the safety of our instrument.