Welcome to our brand new Castroom!

  • Facebook Live Broadcasts
  • Broadcasts on virtually any platform
  • Recorded videos for later publication(YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.)
  • Audio Podcast recording, editing and posting

What we can do for you with our ClearCaster:

  1. “White List” 1080P HD feed to “Facebook Live”.
  2. Dramatically increase upload stability and prioritize your stream.
  3. Provide a talent view which shows comments, questions, likes, etc. in real time, without disorienting latency.
  4. Provide a countdown to going live for a more professional start to your cast.
  5. Crosspost to multiple facebook pages.
  6. Stream your cast to the Wowza Media Cloud, while providing all of the aforementioned benefits.
  7. Direct your cast from the Wowza Media Cloud to virtually any destination or destinations you may need.  (YouTube Live, Workspace, private websites, or a Wowza hosted private stream to mention a few)
  8. Provide you with lower thirds and a bug to brand your programming
  9. Create a smooth and glitch free experience for you through our connection with Wowza’s extraordinary tech support.  We solve problems before they ever affect you, or your work.
  10. In short, we are professionals who can guarantee you a professional result, whatever your needs might be for getting your message out there.